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If your here looking for the Lake Victoria Property Owners website, this site is no longer associated with the Lake Victoria Property Owners Association.
However I still own the domain name and this website will still exist for my personal use and anyone else who may wish to access some older historical info.

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<p class=Lake Victoria is nestled in a secret hideaway in the middle of Michigan somewhere. This is "where the country and city meet".   Our 139 acre private lake is for private property owner use only. It is surrounded by 5 subdivisions. Highland Hills, Imperial Shores, Victoria Shores, Royal Shores, and Westchester Heights. Our common properties consist of boat launches, lake front parks, off-lake parks, Islands (helps to have a boat), and a Pavilion area which even has a hidden baseball diamond (kind of) across the street. You have full use of these facilities providing your a member in good standing. On any given day, you will be sharing these facilities more than likely, as many take advantage of what they have to offer.  The numerous benefits we utilize the lake for include: fishing, sailing, swimming, tubing, skiing, and boating. Winter time activities include snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross country skiing and freezing (brrrr).  Never forget that your Lake Victoria Board is a volunteer board consisting of property owners like yourselves. They have volunteered to be Board Member's in keeping with the long standing tradition! What tradition you ask. That we should all "do our time". All of us benefit as a result of increased property values and a sense of belonging to the community. If you have an interest in "fulfilling your obligation" to assist in this effort, don't hesitate to get involved. This website provides sufficient information to assist you in the quest. PS. You even get Thanked once in a while! 


This is an old website that use to provide info for L.V.P.O.A. It is being modified to remove duplicate data as of 4/18/2018.

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